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When the Economy Falls, Dive into Education with Ashlee Norman 

April 24, 2020

Beauty Means Business Radio 


Ashlee Norman is a hairstylist, Independent Traveling educator for hair color and hair cutting and an owner of a Sola Salon Suite in Valencia California.  

She’s an Oligo Black Light Brand Ambassador and travels across the US and Canada teaching hairstylists.  

She’s organically grown her IG following to over 200K followers through posting techniques and formulas on her platform. Ashlee is consistently ahead of the trends and well known for her dynamic techniques in color and razor cutting. Ashlee has also been one of the first to step into her own line of color products, most notably, her color boards.  

Ashlee’s education is exceptional having studied under dozens of the globe’s most elite programs including: Bumble and Bumble, The Wella Studio, Nine Zero One Academy, Vidal Sassoon Academy, Nick Arrojo, Toni and Guy and many more. 

But more than that, Ashlee is a transformational thinker that encourages you to stay focused on what matters: Filling up first before pouring out. You can’t inspire from a lack of gratitude. Keeping trust and faith during downturns.  

In this episode, Ashlee takes us through her expert understanding of how the education system has changed in beauty of the past 13 years. She’s seen education transform since an early Bumble and Bumble Network Educator, from when three primary brands ran the physical education industry into the transformation of brand education and ultimately, 2015 when the Independent Education revolution began. Ashlee discusses the positive and negatives to that.  

Ashlee gets frank and discusses the massive effect that COVID-19 has had on her and how she’s taken her learnings from the 2008 to 2009 crash and applied them to the current situation. Her answer? Dive deeper back into education. She gives tactical tips on what she changed in her day to day to ensure she’d come back on top. 

She has a savvy understanding of the ebbs and flows of the economy and Ashlee has educated herself in more than just beauty and beauty education, but in financials, the economy, fashion merchandising and business marketing. She talks heavily about building a foundation of her education and gives tips on taking any education you can to put yourself in a more optimal position.  


  1. After experiencing the downturn of 2008-2009, the most important thing you can do right now is dive deeper into education. 
  2. Build a foundation of education in beauty, financial, career – all of it.
  3. Right now is the time to gratitude and pour into yourself – and focus on the other things that you have been neglecting
  4. Don’t focus on Instagram followers, focus on substance. 

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