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Visual Tools for Prosperity and Success 

July 31, 2020

Beauty Means Business Radio 

Erin Kuhn of Qnity   

Erin is the President of Qnity, which provides education, consulting, and visual tools to help salons and stylists create structure and financial prosperity. Qnity offers 2 main programs Plan for Profits and Plan to Prosper.  

Erin takes us on her own journey of finding her passion and the path that lead to helping people become financially secure and prosperous in the beauty industry. Even though she did not start out behind the chair, the beauty industry is in her family and made a big impact on her at a young age.  

In this episode we learn about meeting people where they are and bringing visual tools tmake learning numbers approachable and exciting. But it is more than that, Erin and Qnity are teaching mindset. How to break down barriers and retrain the way you look at business in beauty.  

Erin walks us through success stories with stylists who are tripling their income and how small increases in your check size and retail can add up tremendously throughout the year. We dive into why it’s important to merge both business and creativity to create a well-rounded career.  

Erin is passionate about impacting and transforming the way financial tools are presented and used in business. She is a huge proponent of empowering people into a better economic state of being.   

Not only does she believe in gaining more knowledge and success, but giving back is at the core of their mission. Partnered with Beauty Changes Lives, Qnity is on a mission to support budding industry professionals with scholarships and grants.  

Take out your notepads, sharpen your pencils, because this episode is all about putting your pen to paper, actionable goals, tangible results, and the ease that you can grow your current income.  


  • Visual tools are about merging creativity and business 
  • Power through limiting beliefs by a plan and action 
  • Tripling your income is closer than you think 
  • The same tools that make you successful are used by major banks and institutions
  • Education and tech belong together 

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