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Transform Your Mind – Transform Your Life with Jamie Sea

May 2, 2020

Beauty Means Business Radio

Jamie Sea


Jamie Sea is an educator, salon owner and mindset and manifestation coach. She is the owner of her salon SALT hair in Cheshire, CT, her education company SALT Society and most notably her mindset and manifestation courses. Jamie’s list of education is extensive, and her brand is highly recognized among stylists globally. She is a Redken Ambassador and has won Balayage of the Year from Behind the Chair. 

This is an episode about mindset transformation – and how mindset is the driving force behind everything. We go wide and deep in this exploration of the mind and beliefs systems with Jamie Sea. From being an empath to mastering digital professionalism. 

Jamie started her career facing the stigma and push back that is common in the industry: a stigma that hairstylists are not educated. She talks openly about how the experience of beauty school wasn’t a good experience – and how the industry is in the midst of a transformation. A transformation into being recognized as both professionals and creators and the pivot taking place with beauty professionals showing up in their power. 

Jamie’s story is a story of mastering and focusing the mind. She discusses how her struggle stemmed from her own resistance which pushed her into an early life crisis, depression and healing herself through food. With a four-month-old and only $4 dollars in her pocket, Jamie’s mindset transformation began – and so did her career growth.  

We take a deep dive inside the laws of the universe, resistance, positive self-talk, breath work, and manifestation. She debunks the concept of manifestation being a “woo woo” subject through facts behind quantum physics. And we talk about the difference between toxic positivity and the impacts of practicing mindfulnessand how COVID-19 is forcing people to take a time out and look inward.  

An NLP master coach, Jamie walk us through the programming that’s stored belief systems into our day to day lives that do not belong to us. She challenges us to ask the question: “Where did my money story come from?” 

This is a very special episode; we cover both mindset and tactical tips on how to level up in your life and in your beauty career. Jamie highlights the importance of showing digital professionalism, the growth of her company SALT, and leaves us with her own unique message on personal growth. 


  1. The industry is in the midst of a collective transformation, and embracing digital professionalism is key to that.  
  2. The first step you can take to tap into your soul is by centering through breath work.  
  3. Ask yourself, “Where did my money story come from?” 
  4. Your beliefs are actually not your own. What you believe to be true about success and love were programmed into you.

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