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The Innovating Mobile Marketing Leader

March 23, 2021

Beauty Means Business Radio 

The Innovating Mobile Marketing Leader 

Ronan PercevalPhorest Salon Software

This week on Beauty Means Business Radio, we chat with Ronan Perceval.  Ronan is the founder of Phorest Salon Software, the leader and innovator in salon marketing. Since their launch, they are now in over 10 countries and 7,000 salons worldwide, and are consistently creating technology to advance beauty and barber professionals.  

Ronan has always wanted to train as a hairdresser and in 2004 started working in a front of house position at a local salon in Ireland. As one of his first jobs ever and never being in a salon before, he fell hard and fast for the charms of the salon life. Deeply connected to how this industry is unlike any other, the infection energy that he felt, and the ability to be the highlight of someone’s day, forever changed his professional career.  

Ronan was handed a great deal of responsibility and quickly discovered that with this responsibility comes the opportunity for innovation and ideas. Two problems revealed themselves rather quickly: 1) the amount of no shows happening each day 2) the lost revenue that comes from these no shows.  

Realizing that this loss is costing his employer over $50K a year, Ronan got to work with a groundbreaking solution of text message reminders. This small salon software dropped their no-show rate by 80%. Recognizing the impact of this and realizing that other salons may be having similar issues, Phorest was born.   

Phorest Salon Software has been on the leading edge of innovative technology for the beauty industry, pioneering brand sampling, text messages reminders, marketing campaigns, and a strategic business tools since 2004. In this episode, Ronan takes us on the journey of following his intuition and the joys and love for this industry.  

One of the scariest times in a stylist’s life is the after-holiday rush. January and February become a ghost town for most businesses and Ronan recognized the importance of staying connected to the clients. From this realization, Phorest became yet another pioneer in brand sampling. With text messages that offered free products for a visit, these quickly became text viral! With many clients forwarding these messages to their friends and family.  

In 2021, Phorest is launching a series of new features for their salons to increase consumer purchases through the salons and put money back into the pockets of all professionals, yet again.  

Stay tuned through the end to hear Ronan’s answer to who he would switch places with. The answer is heartfelt, and truly mirrors his commitment to all beauty and barber pros.  


  • Storytelling at its best! Ronan’s journey is awe inspiring  
  • Being innovative requires a deep intuition and a solution seeking mindset 
  • A strong marketing company that supports new consumer purchasing habits and always has the financial interests of salon owners and pros in mind 

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