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Someone Needs to Stand Up for Our Industry with Kristin Snyder 

April 24, 2020

Beauty Means Business Radio 


Kristin Snyder is a hairstylist and salon owner of Knix Studio in An Arbor, Michigan. “Just a hairstylist and salon owner” as Kristin puts it. But – Kristin is the thought leader behind a recent movement in the beauty industry, and the creator of Uniting Beauty. A COVID-19 beauty industry petition to provide relief to millions of salons which catapulted nearly over night and now has over 1.2M signatures. 

In this episode of BMB Radio, we dive into the realities of how the vast majority of the industry struggles with feeling legitimate. Kristin took a lifelong struggle with the industry, frustrated that beauty pros are overlooked, behind the chairs and behind the scenes in peoples lives – and how this dynamic has created a social norm for the industry be also be left behind.  

Kristin opens up about the movement she created and how a petition which started as her way of fighting back for the industry quickly turned into a tangled web of suspicion, with many of the signatures questioning the transparency of – the platform the petition is hosted on. Albeit, the response to this petition is a collective of 1.2M people, nonetheless, standing up and saying, “we need to be seen, we need to be recognized.”  

This trigger has ultimately led Kristin to partnering with the Professional Beauty Association in what will turn into a massive effort to provide financial relief to this industry that is so often overlooked. 


  1. The wild success of this petition created by Kristin has morphed into a number of efforts to bring awareness and support including: Uniting Beauty and the PBA
  2. This petition stirred up a common theme in the industry that service professionals feel neglected and abused – and how 1.2M people decided they are going to support this stand up against it.
  3. The first step is that we need some sort of representation and it needs to come from a big name in the industry. 

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