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Salon Leadership & Emotional Intelligence with Erin Mills 

May 9, 2020

Beauty Means Business Radio 

Erin Mills 


Erin Mills is an educator, hairstylist and salon owner in Orlando, FL. She is the owner of Theory Salon, is a Modern Salon Artist Connective Team & Top 100 and has had her work featured on the Cover of Modern Salon. She is an Alfaparf Ambassador and traveling educator. Erin most recently taught at The Hair Love Retreat Digital Conference, which is coaching, education, business and mindset. 

In this episode of Beauty Means Business, we dive into mindset, leading through fear, cultivating education as a backbone, and emotional intelligence. Erin Mills has dedicated her career to more than just hair styling and salon leadership – she attributes where she is today to one thing: her core passion to serve and give love to others.  

Erin’s career started off in nursing and quickly pivoted to hair dressing, two industries which allow an equal expression of serving others. Erin shares how being a yes woman for nearly 8 years got her to where she is today. And how that mentality also trained her to conquer fear and start before she was ready.  

She learned the importance of education early in her career, which she attributes to why she runs her salon the way she does. A salon with an Education Backbone”. We discuss the importance of hosting all education in your shop: barbering education, social media education, curly hair and textured education, to aid in building a team of well-rounded hair stylists.  

Erin gets down to the basics and gives a step by step journey of how she started to create an education centered salon. The ambitious goals she set – and stuck to, like traveling to one class a month for an entire year 

As a new salon owner, Erin was thrown into the realities of leadership and talks candidly about the importance of being tuned in and tapped in to how your employees respond to times of stress, like COVID-19. We talk about 3 action items you can do today to minimize anxiety, tips on how she maintains a strong connection with her team, and ways to continue to learn and grow together as a unit during this time.  


  1. The relationships you make are equally as important to the education you are taking in the industry.  
  1. Fear, even paralyzing fear can be moved through by focusing only on one thing you can change today.  
  1. Every single person handles things differently and if you put too much pressure on the wrong person, or even too much encouragement it can be a bad thing. 
  1. Kindness and openness are more important than talent. 

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