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Elevating the Salon Industry with Jason Everett

June 20, 2020

Beauty Means Business Radio 

Jason Everett  

A powerhouse globally recognized speaker, mentor, trainer, business coach and educator, Jason Everett a Founder of the High Performance Salon Academy, is dedicated to helping salon owners create massive grow within themselves and their businesses. There is a massive leadership deficit in the salon and spa industry, and Jason’s focus is making salon owners into strong leaders. 

Jason has been featured multiple times on national news to help owners with the growth of their salons and spas. His experience in helping salons and spas become a lucrative cash flow business is impressive. Through his training programs with Massage Envy he helped them make an additional $2.6M in revenue in 6 months. He went on to work with over 100 locations across the country.  

In this episode of Beauty Means Business Radio, Jason is filled with tidbits of knowledge, advice, and practical tips. He takes us on a journey through the mindsets he’s shifting, the perceptions of the beauty industry, and raw examples of why misconceptions exist and how the industry can begin to shift those perspectives. 

With twelve years of business coaching under his belt, the key differentiator of High Performance Salon Academy is not an information company but an implementation company. Rather than just teaching salon owners what they should know, they help salon owners how to implement processes and practices to help them thrive.  

But more than the proven systems to help your business go from hobby to thriving legitimate business, the mission behind the High Performance Salon Academy is to elevate the worlds perception of the salon and spa industry. Their job is to make sure that you as an owner evolve as fast as your staff and your guests.  

Jason points out that up until the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people underestimated the salon industry. And that COVID elevated the perception of the industry and brought to light how essential beauty pros really are. On top of that, an impressive testimonial that salon owners under the High Performance Academy outperformed their entire month last year, during just two weeks upon first opening after the shelter-in-place ordinances for COVID.  

We talk about his passion for people from the salon and spa industry, artistry, and the inspiration for making others feel good about themselves.  

Jason has a unique perspective on success and challenges those he coaches to 1) be more than just satisficed, and 2) clean up the perception of the industry. Being satisfied and sufficed (“satisficed”) is a position typically assumed if an individual has simply outpaced their parents. Instead, what Jason challenges you to do is become the best version of yourself. He challenges you to decide if you wait to clean the industry up and takes you on a path to get there. 


  1. If you are making less money than you were when you were behind the chair, that’s a problem. You’re a hobbyist – not a salon owner.  
  2. If you are working double time behind the chair, running the salon, and you have extra duties – something is wrong and there is room to optimize and organize your business.  
  3. The truth behind why there is a misconception and inaccurate data behind hairdresser salary is because people don’t report their take home income (AKA tips).  
  4. The 5 Agreements: Listen to and deliver the very best solution for your guest. We are stronger together. Lift people up, do not engage in drama. Invest time and money personally and professionally. Agree to report your full take home income.  
  5. If you’re spending more money on clothes and alcohol than you are on personal development, you’re not investing in your full potential.  
  6. Don’t think for your clients. Don’t assume that they don’t have any money because of COVID, don’t superimpose your mind on them. Ask your clients their experience. 

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