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Coronavirus & Your Salon, Spa and Barbershop: Handling Your Commercial Lease Spaces Right Now

March 27, 2020


Coronavirus & Your Salon, Spa and Barbershop: Handling Your Commercial Lease Spaces Right Now 

For many salon and barbershop owners this is a time where we are not only having to let go of our staff but continue to worry about all the overhead even without income. Handsome App is working on providing resources that will help you bridge your business until you can open.  

What is Osto?  

Otso is a financial services company formed by industry veterans of commercial real estate, finance and technology to revolutionize the commercial leasing process for both Tenant and Landlord. It is applicable for those of you who have paid a deposit for your business space. Osto lets you work with your Landlord to get your deposit back so you can put your money where it is needed.  

How can Otso help right now? 

Given the state of the economy and reality of the current crisis, getting businesses this liquidity is more important than ever. Our program allows for Landlords to return cash deposits they have on file that businesses can immediately use to cover payroll, debt and anything else they need to manage the current crisis.We are on hand to onboard landlords into our program. It is 100% free to join and have Tenants start applying. 

Click here if you are a tenant to learn more about how Otso can help.   

Resources for Businesses 

Click here for how small businesses can increase liquidity and get their security deposit back. Otso is offering up to $50,000 in reduced capital needs from businesses

Click here for program requirements for businesses to apply.

Click here for one of our blog articles for businesses “Handling your Commercial Lease Obligations, Right Now” 

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Read more about how to Support for Beauty & Barber Pros, Salons, Spas & Shop Owners During COVID-19 here.  



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