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Coronavirus & Your Salon, Spa and Barbershop: 6 Tips to Protect Your Staff, Customers and Business

March 11, 2020

Coronavirus has popped up in several major cities across the US. The highest numbers reported being in New York, Washington and California.   

As service workers, it’s important that hair & nail salons, spas and barbershop owners are staying alert and taking precautions necessary to their small businesses. With employees all working in small quarters and clients walking in and out daily, we’re providing you with some how-tos on keeping your space safe, healthy, and operating smoothly. 

1: Communicate with Your Staff Regularly 

Most salon, spas and barbershops are a tight knit community. So, implementing a conversational channel should be a minor lift.  

  • Talk openly with your employees and your clients about the Coronavirus and how you’re taking precautions to keep them safe.  
  • Make sure your staff feels knowledgeable on how COVID-19 can affect them, your shop, and your team.  
  • Hold a quick meeting with your staff and encourage taking sick days, washing hands (for at least 20 seconds, and tools and chairs cautiously.  
  • Set up a team group text, or email thread with helpful links and videos. 
2: Communicate with Your Clients 

Clients are keeping up with what’s happening in the news. Make sure you are reassuring them by communicating via emaior social media to help them feel confident in the measures you and your staff are taking.  

  • Assure them you are keeping a sterilized and clean space between and during appointments.  
  • Pay attention to and allow cancellations. Ask if the cancellation is due to feeling unwell so you can stay alert. 
  • Place hand sanitizers at your entrance and kindly ask customers to use it upon entry. 
  • You want to encourage a safe space for your clients and your staff by showcasing that you are looking out for everyone. 
3: Encourage Employees to Stay Home if They Feel Unwell 

If an employee is feeling even slightly under the weather, they need to stay home! As barbers and hairstylists, it’s difficult to know when to slow down and stay off your feet and at home. Especially because the majority of your staffs’ and your shops’ income is based off hands on services. However, as a business owner it is essential that you encourage your staff to stay home if they feel unwell. 

4: Small Practices Go a Long Way 
  • Stay alert on vendors and distributors and if their businesses have been impacted.  
  • Be mindful and flexible to timelines changing due to the virus.  
  • Place hand sanitizers at the entrance and extra throughout your space.  
  • Do a daily check in with your team on how they are feeling.  
5: Encourage Conversations on Financial Impact 

If there is a shut down, will your accounts have enough cash and liquidity on hand to continue to pay employees? Will your staff have enough cash to cover their financial requirements?  

This is a time to encourage open and transparent conversations with hairstylists, nail techs and barbers: industries that are based highly on tips to make sure they are thinking ahead and prepared for a worst-case scenario. 

6: Don’t Panic  

And last, don’t panic… Educate yourself and take the proper precautions. Stay aware of your health, your team and your clients.  


Follow the CDC Guidelines Related to Coronavirus 


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