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  Daniel Mason Jones   Daniel is a stylist, business coach, and salon owner of Muse Salon & Spa, and mentor and ambassador for Salon CentricDaniel created the Social Media Roadmap and the fully booked framework. He's reached over 7 figures working behind the chair.  A true mindset thought leader for the beauty and hairdressing industry. Daniel is expanding the industry far past hairdressing into mindset, manifesting, and financial growth.  A very down to earth story. Someone who truly defies all odds, Daniel shares with us his life philosophy, business strategies, and love for the industry. He’s not just an educator, he pours his soul into his classes and students. He opens up about his ADHD, dyslexia and different learning style. What this did was give him an advantage of being a better educator.  He takes us into what truly drives what he does, which is his love for serving people. His philosophy has been to look for the good and help other people get better. Daniel’s career has been a calling, is mission driven and is something that he is meant to do. And he started working in funeral homes, all because he loved serving people who were grieving.  Fast forward, he finds his true passion as a hairdresser and in his first 7 months did $117,000. By learning how to continuously let his passion drive him, he’s gotten to $1M a year in hairdressing for six years in a row.  He’s creating a financial series for hairdressing. He wants to help hairdressers make money doing their passion and expand and diversify their income in other ways.   His life methodology is when we pour into other people, we in fact become full. Daniel is a clear testament that when passion leads, success will follow.  Takeaways 
  1. When we pour into other people, we indeed become full.
  2. The biggest responsibility we have is to raise the next generation better.
  3. When your heart is open, mind is open, the right people are always going to be drawn to you. magic will happen for you, if you let it. 
  4. The industry is 73% single moms. 
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