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Walking The Path of Excellence  Angel Del Solar18.21 Manmade  Angel is a hairstylist, business owner, and longtime industry mentor. Angel is the founder of 18.21 a men's product line and has been in the industry for over 20 + years.   Angel takes us on his journey from when he was 15 working with his mom in Spain, through a lifelong path of growth, learning, and continuously pushing his boundaries. His passion for excellence has opened doors throughout his career, and he shares with us exactly how he did it.   In this episode we learn what walking the path of excellence means. Angel shares tangible tactics that will get you to where you want to be. His top 3 tips 10 always on time 2) be teachable and 3) build your clientele and making the sale give any professional looking to grow clear and simple expectations.   Angel started off helping his mother when he was 15, living in Spain where being a hairstylist was very well regarded. He later became a barber in the military prior to working with the best stylist in Spain. But make no mistake, the opportunities that produce a legendary career did not fall is Angel’s lap.   Angel’s motto of crafting his own path and living by design have shaped the career he has today. To him life is about learning from the best, surrounding yourself with the best, and becoming your best. Not living by default.   Angel is passionate about mentoring the younger generation of stylists. He shares with us that we need to look past fear and just jump in and start doing it. Go learn to go get good, take those steps needed in order to progress through your path.  As we move through this episode Angel’s experiences, wealth of knowledge, and encouragement are infectious. He believes in walking the path before you can teach it. Being a mentor to this generation of professionals, and tactical advice to just jump in. Ask for mentorship, go put yourself out there. Find someone that you admire and that is already doing what you want, just go talk to them.   This episode is all about learning the road of a lifetime career in this industry. But make no mistake, this is more than working behind the chair, this is about expanding your beliefs in what you can do in this industry.  Takeaways  Handsome App is a free professional network for the beauty and barber industries to build a digital portfolio, find career advice, education and jobs.