Beauty Means Business Radio  Keya Artistically Neal  A POWERFUL conversation around the Black Lives Matter movement, Black culture in the beauty industry, inclusive education in the industry, and opening the door for more conversation.  A very spiritual episode on what is being exposed in our world right now. This week on Beauty Means Business Radio, Keya Artistically Neal eloquently and passionately walks us through her life's work behind the Kolour Kulture and Texture vs. Race. Keya has done keynote speeches on texture, race and the importance of all-inclusive education.  Texture vs. Race is a movement that Keya founded to create a safe space to encourage education around not just the different textures in people's hair, but the different cultures that we come from.  We have a candid conversation around why ally-ship is so important. We talk about being Anti-Racist, and how that is a personal journey that needs to start from the top. Understanding that the privilege White people have, others couldn't buy with all the money in the world.  Keya’s message: We must make racism un-popular. And she’s proud of the stylists who are doing just that. Keya’s education teaches how to be socially conscious and how to be more inclusive in the salon and in the chair. We talk about clarity, focus and discipline. We must be clear about where we are going.  Keya is a dynamic personality that fearlessly sheds light on how we can come together. We get deep on how personal this journey is for each person involved whether they are White, Black, or Brown. Her perspective is admirable and inspiring. A view that reinforces this is the year of accountability.   Keya’s overarching message: let’s remove the labels. The tough question she challenges us to ask ourselves: Have we been honest with each other in the industry in identifying the broken systems that continue to perpetuate the segregation?   We are now in an actionable space. One of our favorite episodes, on Beauty Means Business Radio.  Takeaways 
  1. Don’t confuse being uncomfortable with your safety.  
  2. A great ally passes the mic, they understand where they have a power & use it: that’s voting, changing legislation, it’s us understanding where our powers lie. 
  3. In order for vision to be clear, there has to be a washing. 
  4. We must make racism unpopular. 
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