Beauty Means Business Radio  Jamie Dana  Jamie Dana is a hairstylist, educator, mentor and salon owner. Jamie was one of the first educators to teach hairstylists on how to leverage the power of Instagram to grow their business, get more clients and build a career that they love toward financial freedom. Jamie was voted top 100 hairstylists by Modern Salon in 2017 and has grown her presence from business leader to international speaker.   From a growth perspective, Jamie has over 160K subscribers on YouTube (which she only started 2 years ago) with an average of 5-10K views, and 185K followers on Instagram. Jamie teaches people about becoming creators and not consumers.  In this episode of Beauty Means Business Radio, we talk about how during the pandemic and quarantine many stylists felt like they lost their sense of purpose. Jamie talks about how they quickly pivoted to help, show up for and serve their audience amidst the current climate, and of course – Jamie talks shop on the entire social arena and what she sees changing in the current personal beauty marketing landscape. We talk TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, email marketing, Pinterest and Instagram. What outlet should you go to? Find out... from expert, Jamie Dana.  Jamie provides dozens of tactical lessons to help you propel your styling career. On top of that, she opens up about her biggest motivation behind what she’s doing: how to show up and help hairstylists grow their businesses  We ask Jamie what is the biggest denominator that holds people back. And Jamie gives us a real, raw, honest answer: it’s perfectionism. We talk analysis paralysis and how to overcome it and the benefits of just putting yourself out there.  Jamie provides an in depth how-to on a successful Instagram strategy. 1) Get really clear on exactly who your dream client is and designing your Instagram to speak to them. 2) Focus on creating content for a very specific audience. 3) Stop focusing on how to get a following, but rather focus on how to grow your business.   Ember Retreat, a luxury business retreat for beauty professionals created by Jamie and her business partner, stemmed from the lack of connection and deep in-depth education that happens at hair conferences. Their mission behind it is to bring together beauty professionals and give them a place to get clarity in their business and give them an opportunity to relax. The biggest differentiator of the conference being is intimacy.  Takeaways  
  1. Get really clear on exactly who your dream client is and designing your Instagram to speak directly to them.  
  2. YouTube is not as saturated in the hair-styling industry as you might think. 
  3. Stop focusing on how to get a following, but rather focus on how to grow your business. 
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