Beauty Means Business Radio  Nicole Rechelbacher    Nicole Rechelbacher is the Co-Owner of Intelligent Nutrients, on the board of the Horst Rechelbacher Foundation, and deeply passionate about the beauty industry. Nicole has been a leading voice for beauty relief grants during COVID-19. ThRechelbacher Foundation has been an active advocate for change in the beauty industry with its scholarship program through Beauty Changes Lives. When COVID hit, The Rechelbacher Foundation made an immediate move to start contributing $1,000 Relief Grants to beauty pros.   Her father, Horst Rechelbacher was the founder of Aveda Corporation and Intelligent Nutrients which as we know, have been game-changers in the way beauty products were made and consumed. You could say the visionary for all future non-toxic beauty products.   In this episode, of Beauty Means Business Radio, Nicole shares her life journey from the early days of her father raising her in a salon. There was no separation between business and family with the Rechelbacher family. Nicole was deeply immersed in the salon world from an early stage. That lifestyle and the passion her father embedded in her still lives on through her today and is a driving force in her altruism within the industry.  Nicole emphasizes that relief for the industry shouldn’t be about one brand, and challenges everyone in the industry to join forces to provide relief.  Takeaways:  
  1. You’re only as happy as your unhappiest client. 
  1. With reflection comes innovation. You can’t really be at the top of your game and be innovative unless you take time to reflect and look internally.  
  1. If Horst Rechelbacher were here today, he would inspire the big conglomerates to get together in oneness and donate in relief. Let’s support the people who have built our empires, let’s help them in their greatest time of need.  
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