Beauty Means Business Radio  Jared Jackson Dean wildly moving episode with Jared Jackson Dean, a long-time stylist, salon owner, elite coach and motivational speaker. A creative at heart, Jared Jackson Dean is a writer, a poet, and a stylist. He recognizes that not only do people want to be successful behind the chair, but they want to achieve emotional success. He says seeing success in others helps transcend that success onto you.   This week on Beauty Means Business Radio, a main topic often discussed by Jared is failure. Failure being a key component in growth and transition. Jared is a mindset leader that coaches on overcoming failure, developing confidence through failure, accountability as a mindset, and thinking of yourself as a brand.  Jared talks about what’s behind successful entrepreneurs: ownership, accountability for your commitments and execution of your goals.  We discuss the current awakening happening. The fact that, there has never been such a huge amount of people that have experienced failure at the exact same time. The shutdown and Black Lives Matter are an awakening that’s still in the process. The overarching theme here is: everyone wants to be healed.   Jared educates us on what’s behind his coaching, but also how he grew into his belief set. Through diversifying his mind, his crowd, and his beliefs. He leans into empathy instead of judgement and giving opportunity instead of withholding chances.  Jared Jackson Dean’s Stylist Bootcamp is a 90-day training designed to elevate pros to their highest success. He asks the honest question: do you want to be a Motel 6 hairstylist or a Ritz Carlton hair stylist?  Takeaways 
  1. Failure is thinking you’re less than. Success is knowing that you’re more. Failure is a key component in growth and transition 
  2. When you do get hit with things, getting back up is the most powerful thing that you can do. Because it helps to develop that confidence that we all need 
  3. Successful entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of making excuses. They must transition excuses into execution.  
  4. Empathy is the gateway to truly understanding what love and humanity is all about. 
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