Beauty Means Business Radio  CND Nails, Shellac  @janarnoldcnd Jan is the Co-founder of CND, the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty – including SHELLAC™ Brand based in San Diego, California. Jan has built and grown the world leader of professional nail beauty...advancing the nail industry through Education and a commitment to the PRO. She is also serving as a founding board member of Beauty Changes Lives and holds a mission that Handsome shares with Jan and CND is to elevate the status of beauty Professionals as leaders and influencers.  In today’s episode, Jan Arnold takes us on a riveting story of her 41-year career span in the nail and beauty industry. A forty year “overnight success” which ultimately becomes what is known today as Shellac. It’s a journey that truly inspires respect for the dedication that their team had in creating thnail industry as it’s known today. And, although Shellac entered and transformed at an incomparable pace in 2010, the work to get there had been decades in the making. And a journey that consisted of failures, over 5 years in a laboratory, and 10-15 years of a relentless commitment to building the foundation of the profession.  This 40-year journey has been a legacy and tribute to her father, who taught her that she could go to the moon. Jan invites us on the journey her father, who was a dentist that collaborated with a nail artist in the 70s, which was the birth of the major nail phenomenon  Jan Arnold is not just a founder of CND nails, but a founder of the movement of nail professionals that have grown to 100K in California and 300K in the US. And even more so a major contributor to movement of nail professionals becoming idolized and creating booming businesses.  As a board member of Beauty Changes Lives, she’s trying to change the reaction that parents typically have around their children wanting to enter the beauty industry. She is committed to educating, elevating and exposing the richness of a career in beauty. Since she’s joined the board of BCL, CND has dedicated $400,000 in scholarships for the beauty industry. With the hit of COVID-19, Jan took the step of tipping the domino to support the industry and dedicated $100,000 to a relief grant for nail professionals in need due to the pandemic. Jan opens up about beauty professionals being hit emotionally, creatively and economically amidst this crisis.  Jan Arnold is a thought leader, and visionary behind an industry being elevated. She defines the industry as expressive, creative and connected.    Takeaways:  
  1. Everyone needs a support system: someone telling them that they can go to the moon. 
  1. Instead of being defeated by failures, turning those failures into lessons that you can get excited about. 
  1. Beauty and nails are some of the richest most rewarding careers someone can have, filled with expression, creativeness, and connectedness.  
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