Beauty Means Business Radio  @theconfessionsofahairstylist   Jenny Strebe  Jenny is a hairstylist, educator and mentor. Known as The Confessions as a Hairstylist. Today, Jenny has over 6 million views on YouTube, has been named a Top Hair Blogger in America and is the Founder and CEO or Aiir Professional, the first crystal infused haircare line. Jenny has written 3 books that have been published in 17 countries and is very well known for her education and editorial looks.  In this episode of Beauty Means Business Radio, Jenny takes us through her 18-year career. Which triggered by boredom and dissatisfaction she created Confessions of a Hairstylist. In the days when “Mommy Bloggers” and “Fashion Bloggers” were booming; the Hair Blogging industry was still yet to be.   Jenny gets candid and talks about the reality of if she’s not busy, her mind can drift into a negative space. Which is a common thing that many people may not recognize about themselves. Her awareness and recognition of this has enabled her to create meaningful work and purpose for each day.  We talk about the early days, when Jenny put together a 30-Day Hairstyle Challenge – all on her own her hair to kick start her blogging career nearly 10 years ago. The common stigma that beauty is inferior to other careers has been a key driver for her to channel the nay sayers into success. Jenny is not only a master at hair, but she’s learning to master mindset. And her career is a proven result of training your mindset to see no’s as opportunities achallenges that you look forward to.  This episode dives deep into the concept of energies, crystals, and healing. We talk about being an empath and how that has not only affected but enhanced her career. And even more so, how her career has impacted her wider belief systems of energies. Jenny talks about how hairstylists are healers, especially now amidst COVID-19. Energies and ability to heal oneself run deep in her belief system, which is the foundation for her passion behind Aiir Professionalthe first crystal infused haircare. A production line she self-funded where every element carries a holistic element, is vegan, paraben and cruelty free.   Takeaways:  
  1. It’s ok to scream in your pillow & have breakdowns, but there is some point where you must snap out of it and find the positive 
  1. Talk about your vision and dreams for the future with people who really believe in you. 
  1. Any hair product can make your hair look good, but what’s missing is that “I’m empowered today because I have textured spray that has crystal quarts”. 
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