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About Us


HANDSOME is challenging the norms in the beauty industry.

Beauty professionals and beauty careers are highly impactful industries. Yet, what’s not talked about is that beauty service careers are often seen as frivolous – and not taken seriously. They’ve been underrepresented in professional advancement and career tools.

Handsome’s mission is to provide beauty professionals with equal career opportunities that allow them to creatively build the careers of their wildest dreams – and do so on their own terms.

Beauty isn’t always seen as beautiful. In fact, the terms “beauty” & “beautiful” come with a heavy stigma. They can often be filled with weight, criticism, and judgment. Meanwhile, “handsome” is interpreted as sophisticated, mature and respectful.

Handsome is here to support you in charting a course for yourself, challenging norms, and reclaiming a term of authority.

HANDSOME is more than a platform. It is a mission.

About the Founders

Raised in Colorado, the Dominguez sisters behind the Handsome App share the same vision and the same values. To provide resources and tools to an industry and community of people who have been overlooked. HQ’d in Austin, TX, Nikki and April aim to give the leading industry for women a platform to succeed. They are a 2020 Top 50 Startups to Watch, in the top 2% of women-led startups globally (SoGal), and Sputnik ATX Alumni, the top 1.6% of startups accepted.

They have been featured by Business Insider, American Salon, Modern Salon, DocSend, BuiltIn, Hello Alice, Swaay, Beauty Changes Lives, Austin Business Journal and Lama Six.


Our Team

April Dominguez
Founder and CEO

April is a graduate of The University of Texas, El Paso where she received a full ride scholarship on behalf of the Daniels Fund for being a highly motivated minority individual with high potential. She spent six years as Vice President at an investment startup that raised and invested over $130M during her time there. April has been awarded Employee of the Year and was a winner of the IAmSoGal Pitch Competition, Austin. She’s committed her life to community enhancement, is an avid philanthropist, and has led multiple fundraises and teams across the finish line of the NYC Marathon and Dam that Cancer. Her mission is to motivate people to reach their truest potential, to act as a voice for and create highly impactful cultural and economic change for under-represented communities.


Nikki Dominguez
Founder and President

Nikki brings over a decade of experience in the beauty and salon industry. She’s built two beauty academies and one school licensed by the state of Colorado, management training strategies & corporate office structure while growing a team of 70 to a team of over 150 stylists. She spent six years building beauty and educator systems in New York City. Prior to joining the salon industry, Nikki studied Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado. She’s a mentor, educator, yogi and meditator. Nikki is passionate about creating change in an industry where their profession has often been labeled as a “last resort”. Nikki's life's work has been to challenge the norms in an archaic industry, so that beauty professionals feel empowered, inspired, and have the tools to chase the careers of their wildest dreams.



“Forbes, Entrepreneur and CNBC consistently list Austin as a top 10 city to start a business. Handsome is a Top Startup to Watch in 2020.”

“Every Beauty Pro Needs This App.”

“For Beauty App Handsome, Community is the Most Important Ingredient.”

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